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Refund Policy

Following successful generation of your credit report in response to your online application, the printed report is posted to the address entered by you as your Current Address. Irish Credit Bureau D.A.C (ICB) records the date of despatch of all credit reports.

If you have not received your report within a reasonable period of time following the despatch date, ICB will, upon request, re-print your credit report and re-post it to your Current Address. Alternatively, you may request to have your report posted to a different address. However, please bear in mind that if ICB do not hold details of any loan taken out at this different address, proof of residency at this different address will be requested and required before despatch.

If you fail to receive your credit report after 2 additional unsuccessful postings, you may request a refund by calling +353-1-2600388.

  Tel:  00-353-1-2600388
Fax: 00-353-1-2600390
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